Have you heard about the new ClassDojo Toolkit?

Exciting News!

I hit publish on my Intro to ClassDojo Post and went to sleep on July 13th. I woke up on July 14th to a whole new ClassDojo World! I had spoken to ClassDojo on Wednesday and they had mentioned their new features coming out in two weeks but I didn't realize that announcement was coming out today! You are not going to believe what they have added to ClassDojo! They are bringing their game to try to give teachers more use of their product.  If you want to find out about the ClassDojo ToolKit, scroll on to read more!

ClassDojo News: Toolkit

The new toolkit features include A group maker, streaming music, a noise meter, a timer, morning announcements, directions, discussion prompts, and a name picker. These features will be made so they can be projected onto a Smartboard or projector. I'm so excited about these that I can't choose one that I'm most excited about.

I do love the group maker idea and the name picker. There hasn't been much information released about these tools. I don't know often I made different groups, reading groups, math groups, field trip groups, etc. This will definitely be used in my classroom.

ClassDojo already has a random picker but I'm hoping they have updated it so that if someone has been chosen they are removed from the future selections. I also hope that the music streaming will be without ads. That will allow me to get rid of using Pandora in the classroom. This will be helpful to classrooms around the world. 

What do you think?

What Tool are you most looking forward to? What Tool do you want them to add? Like I said in this post about ClassDojo, they do an awesome job about listening to teachers. So you might have their next great feature! Be sure to comment your answers below! I would love to hear from you! 

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The pictures in this post were created by ClassDojo and emailed to mentors with permission to share and spread the word. 

Thanks for reading!